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MALMS User Group Seminar held at Donington Park


TMS Photometrics Ltd held its annual MALMS User Group meeting on the 16th November at Donington Park Racetrack, East Midlands, UK. There was over 60 attendees from airports around the UK, Europe and further afield such as Doha, Oman, South Africa and Malaysia.

The event covered topics such as the new Dashboard for the Mobile, PhotoBench tester and Engineer systems.

In addition to the presentations from TMS on these new MALMS products, there were presentations from Ankit Tyagi, Senior Airfield Technical Officer at Hamad International Airport, Doha on the use of the MALMS products at both Doha International and Hamad International Airport. The presentation covered the use of the MALMS products and how the operating costs for maintaining the airfield lighting had been reduced due to its use.

Mr Steve Hutton AGL Specialist from Oman Airport Management Company (OAMC) presented how OAMC undertake runway lighting corrective maintenance with minimal one hour runway closures, three times a week, while Mr Paul Thellier, Sales Director of TKH, presented the new CEDD technology for the power and communication of LED airfield lighting.

During the day event, there were demonstrations on the new RFID reader enabled Airfield Torque Wrench, and how it can make the torqueing of airfield lighting quicker, while also storing the torque value data, which is transferred to the Dashboard for review by the Engineering Manager. The new Manual Cleaner was demonstrated on site by Paul Smith of TMS, with event attendees being able to see how the system is built and how it operates effectively in the cleaning of airfield lighting.

During the course of the day, a Formula 1 simulator was available for attendees to attempt a lap of the track of Donington Park. The times were recorded on a Top Gear type leader board, with the fastest lap of the track being recorded by Amanda Byford, who won a bottle of Champagne.

MALMSTMS would like to thank all of the attendees to this year’s event and we look forward to seeing them again next year with a date and venue to be agreed.

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